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MaCT to introduce "Bring your own personal network" with      Wave Relay(tm) Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET).  It is now possible to provide a separate network infrastructure that is not reliant on a central server where each node is intelligent and can make it own routing decisions.  IT is highly secure having been time tested under the harshest conditions originally developed for the military.  Look for us at the NIST Global City Team Challenge kick-off on September 29-30, 2014.  Wave Relay(tm) modernizes communications for firefighters: CBS profiles Wave Relay(tm) h

MaCT adds capabilities for Software Defined Networks (SDN)      to enhance reliability and performance with better security.

MaCT offers IP Video Surveillance/RFID Access Control Systems

MaCT to launch new business unit to provide Biophotonics which includes sensors systems for healthcare applications. 

Special thanks to Craig K. Harmon of QED Systems, who recently passed away, who co-hosted our work on P21451-1-4      and though he is no longer with us in spirit his vision will be  fulfilled.  He will be missed and his dedication to development of ISO standards for the cargo logistics industry.

MaCT now offers IP Video Surveillance and RFID Access Control now combines Wave Relay wireless Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) with spectrum redundancy, built-in security, and fault tolerance.

IPDX.NET Cloud Sensor Network Service: - announced at the NIST Smart America Challenge on June 11, 2014 will be hosted by  AWS (Amazon Web Services) providing virtual hosting with cross domain data sharing using Sensei/IoT* XMPP IoT XEPs:

UICDS/Wave Relay provides instant infrastructure for first responders and now available to tie-in with the Unified Incident Command and Decision Support system.  Now be able to communicate with land, air and sea assets simultaneously and securely under full mobility with capabilities that you can rely on.  See or at 

UICDS Linux Core Software is now available, to help first responders with a lower cost and higher performance of the Linux operating system.

ISO/IEC/IEEE P21451-1-4 is now referred to as "Sensei/IoT" and the first international Semantic Web 3.0 standard for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Welcome to MaCT USA

We invite you to learn about our company and how we can help you reach your goals.  The brightest minds and people with years of experience to bring you the latest advances in technology with proven results.

MaCT has offices in the USA, Canada, and Hong Kong provides engineering solutions and services to government agencies, military, and private industry.

Formed in 1992, MaCT, and has worked with federal government, military, and private industry to develop, adopt and implement advanced technology according to industry standards.













  P21451-1-4 XEP EXTENSIONS: