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IEEE Sensors Journal Special Issue

"Smart Transducers and Sensors: ISO/IEC/IEEE 21451 Standards (2014

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CONTROL Magazine, June 2012  

Article:   Protocol Transformation Defense Against Cyber-attack!

International Cement Review, May 2012

Article:  XMPP Revised

World Cement, October 2011

Article: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

International Cement Review, May 2011

Article: Service Oriented Architecture

International Cement Review, May 2009

Pick it up at the IEEE Cement Conference in Palm Springs, CA on May 31 - June 4, 2009

Article: Telepresence at work

IPP&T, October 2008 (Advertisement), Article:  Industrial MANET

Pickup a copy at the ISA EXPO'2008 in Houston, TX

PROCESSWest Magazine

IPP&T, September 2008 (Advertisement)

Pickup a copy at the Oil Sands Tradeshow in Calgary, AB

IPP&T, June 2008 (Advertisement)

International Cement Review, May 2008 (Advertisement)

Pick it up at the IEEE Cement Conference in Miami, FL on May 9 - 22, 2008

Article:  Wireless Takes Control

International Cement Review, December 2007 (Advertisement)

Pick up a copy at the Cemtech Florida Conference in Orlando, FL on December 3-5, 2007

International Cement Review, April 2007 (Advertisement)

Article:  Cement Plant Unwired

Pick it up at the IEEE Cement Conference in Charleston, SC on April 29 - May 2, 2007

World Cement China, Spring Issue (Advertisement)

World Cement, Oct. 2006

Article:  Cement Plant Unwired

World Cement China, Nov. 2006

Article:  Cement Plant Unwired

International Cement Review, Sept 2005

Article:  Secure Ad Hoc Networking for Process Control

Shippers Today, July 2005

Article:  RFID: Extension of the Enterprise Network

Broadband Wireless technology to empower Mobility and Security of RFID applications.

Logistics Journal, July 2004

Article:  RFID Primer for Mobility

Mobile Ad hoc Networks can be used to provide extended capabilities such as tracking of assets, access control, and control identification. The challenge with regard to RFID is that the distance to intercept a tag is limited and the use of active tags requires extended battery life. The tag is sent in the clear to a back end server which stores all of the data.


If These Networks Get Hacked, Beware

America's critical transportation, power, and communications systems remain quite vulnerable and lack funds to remedy that

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